Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E2 Review


Ash vs Evil Dead continues to roll forward carving a blood soaked path on Saturday nights with its second episodie entitled “Bait”

First of all i was a little surprised that the remainder of the series will only be in thirty minute episodes, but despite the limited time, they are still able to provide story development, humor and action. Picking up directly after last weeks episode Ash is looking to leave town, find someone to recite a passage from the book of the dead and end their reign of terror once and for all!

This however does not sit well with Kelly as she races off home to see if her mother has indeed returned from the dead, unfortunately for Ash, she has the much needed book in her possession. As Ash and his new sidekick Pablo race off before its too late. This leads into a very fun and gory car fight scene with a deadite. this may seem over the top to some, but if anyone can make the ludicrous fantastic its Bruce Campbell (All that fake blood is actually going into Campbell’s mouth and caused him to gag!).

As ever the one liners keep on coming! and they are quite genuinely funny, delivered with expert timing we have come to expect from the chin. The dinner scene in Kelly’s home is fantastic, her newly returned mother claiming to have lost her memory, explaining her absence is convincing, but not convincing enough for Ash.

As he lays her out with a sudden and well placed punch, the family look on shocked! but soon his suspicions are confirmed as the inner deadite reveals its self at last, Much to the relief of Ash, stating “Oh good i was starting to feel like a real dick” was a great line.

What follows is gory action which at the same time is light and enjoyable. this was a fun episode, it has a good pace and development which goes to prove you can do a lot within half an hour.

Next week sees the series debut of Lucy Lawless which will be the on screen reunion of Lawless and Campbell since he had a regular returning role on Xena warrior princess many years ago. These two had natural chemistry back then so it will interesting to see if they can recreate that this time around.

The tone has been set now for this show and honestly i like it, it uses elements from the original films, whilst creating something entirely new at the same time. On an interesting side note Ash calls his gun his boomstick, now while this is an iconic line, this series is set in a world where the third film did not happen, therefore he technically never used that phrase (Told you i was a Nerd!)

Over all this s proving to be an enjoyable show , providing a good mixture that has the making of a great show.

What are your thoughts on the second episode? are you enjoying this series or should the franchise stayed dead?

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome here, on Twitter @CongertonLee or on the facebook page Film and TV Nerd (

Thank you all for reading

Lee Congerton


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