The Walking Dead, S6 E4 Review


Well after last weeks episode that caused quite a stir, we are forced to wait for an answer regarding Glenn and Rick, but this is not a bad thing as here we were treated to a ninety minute back story on Morgan.

For just a short time we can all calm down from the great Glenn debate (No way Glenn wasn’t at least bitten!, just saying) and we focus on Morgan with his journey into insanity and his eventual path find inner peace, This episode was entitled Here’s Not Here” and is basically a sequel to Season 3′s 12th episode “Clear”.

As Morgan descends into madness, killing both the living and the dead, he stumbles across a cabin in the woods (not that cabin in the woods!) where we hear a mans voice as he tries to reason with Morgan, unfortunately for the stranger Morgan is not a reasonable man. But soon finding himself prisoner, Morgan has no choice but to listen to his wise words.

The stranger in question is a gentle man by the name of Eastman who has a pretty fantastic if not horrific back story himself. Whist this may have left fans frustrated for answers this was a pretty awesome diversion, we get to go through Aikido moves at sunset. There may be some good scares and some action, but much of the episode is about finding peace.

As the two begin to bond the inevitable happens and Eastman is bitten, but even in the face of death the principle lesson of inner peace shines through. I personally enjoyed this episode as the focus of just two characters rather than a group provides much needed depth and development to them.

Its Funny how the character of Eastman is much better developed and well thought out than half the residents of Alexandria, Eastman is actually a terrific character, this shepherd of sorts. A teacher and a farmer and a peaceful warrior.

We learn all this about him in a single episode, so his death actually came to mean something, i cant say the same about the Alexandirans (is that a word?) if the walking dead could do just a few of these back stories it would add such value to each character and give you a chance to view them in a different light, a back story on Daryl along with Merl would be my personal choice, adding layers to the man of few words (But i digress).

As the story moves back the present day, we learn that Morgan has been telling his tale of woe to one of the wolves, who he has held captive in an empty house. This is an effort to make him see sense, but Morgans words falls on deaf ears and the wolf promises to kill everyone, every last man woman and child! (are we sure that “W” on his head doesn’t stand for something else?)

Over all this was a great episode, with an intimate feel to it and honestly its nice to get away from the Glenn subject for a while (besides what about Rick’s predicament!) 

The next episode is entitled “Now” which we can only assume picks up from carnage of the wolves, will the fans have their answers next week? i wouldn’t count on it, AMC know they have you hooked and will drag it out, to keep you coming back for more.

What did you think of this weeks episode? which character would you like to see a back story on?

in the meantime enjoy the video below ” 7 Walking Dead things you (Probably) didn’t know

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Thank you all for reading

Lee Congerton


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