Ash vs Evil Dead, S1 E1 Review


Ash has burst back onto our screens! the first time since 1992 when he took on the deadites in the army of darkness (not that that happened in this TV series) as Bruce Campbell and Sam Rami reunite once again to bring to the cult classic back to the modern era.

This show was keen to make an impression and that it did with the classic style of gore, violence and well created tension. It has been 30 years since Ash defeated the evil that rose from the book of the dead and since then he has been leading  a simple life, avoiding responsibility as much as possible.

Whilst high with a random girl in his trailer (hail to the king baby) he recites from the book of the dead in an effort to impress her, thus resurrecting the demons who now want vengeance on Ash for foiling them so long ago! Can ash step up to the challenge again, with his trusty chainsaw on hand (well more of a stump really) to see off the evil that wants to claim this world once and for all.

What is nice to see is the same style of practical effects as used in the original films, along side with the same style camera angles and movements, it truly feels like this is on par with the cult classic. It took a while to get used to the goofy portrayal of Ash, as here he is a combination of an arrogant prick and a clumsy fool. But as seen towards the end of the episode the Ash we all know and love came back to the surface, killing off the dead with a few cheesy one liners at the ready.

Fans of the cult classic may have finally gotten the Ash they have craving for decades, as this does hold up very well and for first time viewers it does do a decent job of telling you the back story, with scenes from the first two (and only two!) films included.

What is interesting here is the evil force seems to be spreading all over town, meaning there is truly no one safe from the path of destruction the dark force is bound to create along the way, Can Ash be the savior the world needs in this time of darkness?

This is a nice combination of horror, gore, comedy and good ol plain 1980’s cheesy one liners from the chin himself! It is good to see that this stuck to its roots whilst at the same time being highly original. It may not have been entirely without its silly moments, but that was to be expected. so well done to Campbell and Rami for catering for old and new fans alike.

This made me want to go back and see the trilogy again, hell i even want to see the 2013 remake just for the Ash cameo post credits.

This could be a groovy (sorry about that) way to spend the next few Saturday evenings, welcome back Ash, the world has missed you!

Checkout the video below for 7 things you didn’t know about The Evil Dead (Probably)

What are your thoughts on the first episode? did you love or loath the return of the Chin?,

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome here, on Twitter @CongertonLee or on the facebook page Film and TV Nerd (

Thank you all for reading

Lee Congerton


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