Ash vs the Evil Dead Preview


Good news for fans of the original Evil Dead (1981) as Bruce Campbell reprises his iconic roll as Ash with a new TV series debuting tomorrow!

what can we expect from the new series? judging from the preview (see below) this is a dark comedy, less gore than the films and more of the patented Campbell goofy humor. This picks up thirty years after the events of the Evil Dead two (1987), this is completely disregarding the third installment The army of darkness (1993) So forget the third installment, it never happened!

the only down side to forgetting the third film is that Ash appears not to have his medieval prosthetic hand which he lost as it became possessed, so don’t expect a perfect continuity from the series.

There have been many attempts to have Bruce reprise his role over the years with such projects as Evil Dead 4, Ash vs Freddy vs Jason (seriously that was considered at one point!)  and an in direct sequel titled “My name is Bruce”

Finally the fans can have what they have been asking for this Halloween, as ash fires up his trusty chainsaw once more to battle the dark forces that rise from the book of the dead, Groovy!

Bruce Campbell has said previously that he was not keen to reprise this role, mainly when questioned if he would appear in a cameo appearance in the rebooted version (2013) but in recent interviews he has embraced the role once more stating:

“It’s great to get back to this character. It’s probably the most fun character there is to play. Now we can bring all of our experience to bear again and flesh him out even more… people have only seen four and a half hours worth of Ash… In this first season alone, we’re going to do five new hours of Ash. It’s a slightly different story in that the character has to evolve. The story has to get bigger. And I’m looking forward to that so that I can take enough time to finally be with Ash.”

The role of Ash is so iconic and it will be fun to explore which direction he took, how he put his life back together after loosing his loved ones to the horrific events in the cabin deep in the woods so may years ago. Will he be forced to return back to where it all started?

But no matter which direction the series may go, it already has a huge fan base, it just a question of whether for not those fans are willing to except the changes to the much loved franchise.

Campbell credits fans’ love of the series and the countless versions of DVDs and Blu-rays for everything from The Evil Dead, Evil Dead two, Army of Darkness, and even the Evil Dead remake, for keeping the franchise in the public eye long enough that this series could fall into place.

Thankfully, the fans have stepped up through all the DVD reissues. There were 86 versions of Army of Darkness, It has become a movie classic.

I for one look forward to this series, here’s hoping it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle as it airs against the Walking Dead, but this Halloween, i will be ready and waiting as Ash takes on the Evil Dead again, boom stick in one hand and Chainsaw on the other!

Are you looking forward to the return of Ash?

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Thank you all for reading

Lee Congerton


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