The Angriest Man In Brooklyn (2014) Review

How would you spend your last ninety minutes on earth? when Henry Altmann (Robin Williams) is told he has just an hour and a half to live, he tries to make amends with his loved ones before it is too late.

As the title suggests Henry is far from mild mannered, often flying into a rage at the slightest annoyance, in doing so over the years he has put up a wall of anger between his family and friends. When doctor Sharon Gill (Mila Kunis) is provoked into telling Henry he has very little time left, he intends to make every second count, The problem being not everyone he tries to makes amends with is so forgiving.

Henry comes to realise the error of his ways and the damage that he has caused along the way, as he decides the only option is to meet death on his own terms. But whilst he is embarking on his own chaotic journey Doctor Gill sets out to find him, fearing not only for his safety but also for her career.

There are some fun cameos by Peter Dinklage, who plays Henry’s brother Aaron Altmann and even by James Earl Jones as the stuttering store clerk. Seeing these legends on screen together even if for just a few short minutes is something special.

This is not a comedy by any means (even though it is under that category on Netflix), this is a heart warming drama with a warmth and a well thought out message.

Even after the sad passing of Robin Williams is it ironic that one of his final films indirectly tells us to make every moment count, don’t life your life in anger, learn to appreciate those around and not to build up walls between them. In a simple but poetic line Henry says goes on to say its not the dates on the tombstone that matter, its the dash in between them and how you spend that dash.

This may not have been a smash hit, nor considered one of Williams classic films, but this serves as a reminder of what a diverse range of believable emotions Williams was able to convey each time the camera was on him. To be able to show the five stages of grief over the span of a film is rare and something that only comes along once in a generation.

Mila Kunis also proves her worth here, she keeps up with Williams energy and passion as she too is able to show a wide range of emotions in a short time.

Overall this is a nice film with a sad yet uplifting ending, It does ask the question was the anger, the sadness all the pain that seems to come so easily for Williams to bring all an act? perhaps this served as some sort of outlet for him.

Either way Williams always brought something special each and every time, elevating those around him.

So i rate this one 3.5/5 Stars, Not a classic by any means but a moving story by one of the all time greats

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