The Last Witch Hunter (2015) Review

Halloween time has rolled around once more, therefore that means more monster movies for us all to indulge in, This time its Vin Diesel’s turn as he plays Kaulder a witch hunter and the last of his kind. After killing the witch queen he is cursed with eternal life, with this power he chooses to defend mankind against the witches who seek to wipe out the human race and claim this world as their own.

Over the centuries a peace treaty is declared by the witches and humans, this states no magic may be used against a mortal, but there are those who use dark magic and long for the old ways of the witch queen, even seeking to bring her back from the dead and take control of this world once and for all.

This has a nice supporting cast with Michael Caine as Dolan 36th, who has taken an oath to serve Kaulder and aid him as he brings those to justice who dare to have broken the treaty. But soon Dolan 36th falls foul of dark magic (he was one day away from retirement dammit!) and is now replaced by Dolan 37th (Elijah Wood) as he and Kaulder search for the witches responsible for this crime.

This is not a new plot by any means with other worldly beings living in New York along side blissfully unaware humans (blade, Men in Black and Constantine just to name a few, essentially have the same plot) so it feels like Vin Diesel is a little late to the party with this one.

The story is what you would expect as Kaulder and his new side kick take on the dark forces at work before the world comes to a dramatic end. Sure the action is decent and there are some funny lines (Caines line about an iPad being the most memorable) but this just doesn’t feel special.

Set across several time periods and with an array of flashback sequences,this does have a decent amount of depth to the plot even if it isn’t original, the addition of Chloe (Rose Leslie) a witch who works along with Kaulder is nice touch but again nothing special.

Will there be a sequel? its unlikely seeing how this film failed to produce results at the box office. Fans of the horror genre are in the wrong place here as this is an action film. As tough guy Kaulder punches evil in the face, gets the girl and charges off into the world in his super car to carry on the good fight (pretty much the entire plot there)

Over all i award this film 2/5 stars, (this crashed and burned, by Iron and by fire!)

Nothing wrong with the performances by any of the cast here, it just felt like it had all been done before, nothing felt new here and that is its biggest drawback.

What did you think of The Last Witch Hunter?

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Thank you all for reading

Lee Congerton


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