The Walking Dead, S6 E3 Review

First of all before i get into yet another shocking and heart breaking episode of the current season, just a word of thanks as last weeks review was the most read of mine to date, so thanks to you all who took the timeout to read, if you haven’t then here is the cheap plug to the review below

This weeks episode was heart wrenching to say the least as the group headed back to Alexandria to escape the approaching herd, falling one by one as they became separated and trapped in a small town. Divided and scared they were desperate, not just get home to safety, but to just survive.

But for everyone who died in this episode none were more tragic and simply shocking then the loss of Glenn, in the aptly titled episode “Thank you”


There have been manly shocking deaths over the course of The Walking Dead, its just the nature of the show and as soon as your care for someone, its natural to assume they are untouchable from the worst.  But no one character is immune from deaths clutches as the most unpredictable and brutal season has proven so far.

From Glenn’s first words of “hey you, dumb ass, yeah you in the tank, you cozy in there” he has proven him self to be a pillar of the how and to move forward without him is going to be tough to say the least.

Steven Yeun’s protrayal of the former pizza delivery boy who became a man in the post apocalyptic world, endeared Glenn to us all over the years. Always loyal to the cause, never afraid to take charge and always with a plan in mind Glenn will be missed.

The news of Glenn’s demise is unknown to the group, which is interesting as going by past experience, when a member of the group is missing they are searched for. But in this case how would they go about this? would there be anything left behind apart from Hershel’s pocket watch.

There are many theories that Glenn s still alive, but honestly this is denial rather than hope from The Walking Dead fan base, and whilst it may be a tough pill to swallow, its best to remember the great moments the character provided us along the way rather then to mourn his passing.

Season six is only three episodes in and its proving to be the most graphic and most shocking to date, previously it was fairly easy to predict which direction the show would go in, but this time around it feels like all bets are off and no one is safe, each time we think we have it figured out there is a twist and a turn that leaves its fans shocked and most importantly hooked for the next installment.

The writers and cast have upped their game this time around, not just on the story development but on the sheer scale things are played out on now. You can feel just how small the group is, against the vast backdrop of an infected world as it marches ever forwards towards them all.

The loss of Glenn will be a tough one for the group, but as seen this week Rick has had to be cold and uncaring as people around him fell, so just how will this effect him when he finds out? after all Glenn was the one who found Rick all those years ago, without Glenn perhaps Rick would never have found his family and i truly hope that is remembered in the weeks to come.

So once again thank you Glenn, it was fun

What was your reaction to the shocking loss? where do you think the show will go from here?

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome here, on Twitter @CongertonLee or on the facebook page Film and TV Nerd (

Thank you all for reading

See you all next week!

Lee Congerton


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