Everest (2015) Review

Everest is based on the true story of a group of people who tragically lost their lives on the Mountain of Everest, but does the film based on this set of events do them and their families justice?

We recently watched this one and although it has a decent cast (Jason ClarkeSam WorthingtonKeira Knightley and Jake Gyllenhaal just to name a few) it failed to hold our attention and captivate us like it had the potential to do.

Now it is understandable that this film has received high praise from numerous other sites, We just felt that it lacked the depth and perhaps the overall feeling of drama that was needed to capture the true events that unfolded in 1996.

First of all the film is keen to remind you what year it is, as if that is essential to the story, with one of the characters wearing a 1996 presidential campaign shirt, almost un-trusting of the average watching to remember this all happened 19 years ago.

The trailer is also quite misleading, setting a tone of action, tension and drama and although the drama and tension (what little there is) are there, it fails to deliver on the action that is promised. This may seem insensitive a to a subject that really happened but throughout the film we are asked to care about characters, but there is a major flaw with this.

As you would expect one by one the climbers run into trouble as they ascend to the peak, but rather than help their fellow climbers back down the mountain, some stay put as others pass them by up and even pass them by on the way back down. With a storm fast approaching and these people in trouble, why should we care about them when several people walk past them throughout the film?

These actions may really have taken place and with good reason im certain, but here it almost comes across as heartless and unnecessary. The stars are fine in the roles they have been cast, no doubt staying as true to the people they are portraying as possible, but there is a lack of depth that just doesn’t hit home here.

Visually this is fine, Mt Everest looks like the stunning and yet dangerous place you would expect, the special effects are on par with any modern day film, making you realize just how small man is compared to such a daunting mountain.

Its a nice tribute to the men and women who did go through this harrowing tale, but as a stand alone film it just failed to connect with us emotionally, there was nothing to draw us in and keep our attention.

I award this film 2/5 stars,

I am sure this will strike a cord to the friends and family of these events but to the average movie goer, who may not know the full back story, this can come across as a cheap way to make money of their story.

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Thank you for reading

Lee Congerton


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