Daryl Dixon, A Definitive look


Daryl Dixon, well now I have the attention of all the ladies in the room, let’s have a look at the red neck hero of The Walking Dead.

Was Daryl ever penned to be the unlikely hero? The Walking dead fan base has been divided on this for some time as the Character was never in the original material for which the series is based on. Having said that he has clearly grown on the viewers, establishing himself as a definitive character of the series, on the same level as Rick and Carol.

From humble and almost shy beginnings we were introduced to Daryl midway through season one, the Red neck was out tracking deer and catching squirrels for the original group. He was almost unrecognisable by today’s standards, with short light hair and light clothing.

He has come a long way and like any good character has evolved with the show, but at the same time, kept his distance and never revealed too much about himself, perhaps this added to his allure. Throughout the show he has been paired up with several people, forming unlikely bonds that made people question their relationship.

He became a brother to Rick, these two may had had a rocky start to say the least, with Rick cuffing Murl to a roof and leaving him for dead and all. But the bond has only grown as time has passed. These two have each other’s backs no matter what, with Daryl proving he is willing to follow Rick no matter what they may face together.

His relationship with Carol has been an odd one too, this unlikely pairing had an unbreakable bond, although it seems these two are less close these days. These two bonded over the loss of Sophia as Daryl began to protect and teach Carol. They grew ever closer , until Carol became detached from the world around her and they haven’t been as close since, whilst no doubt a bond still remains, these two seem to rarely cross paths these days.

But his Pairing with Beth is clearly the most heart breaking, after the events of the prison, these two found themselves alone. With them against the world, they stuck together and it was Beth’s soft spoken approach who got more out of Daryl then anyone before. The loss of Beth was a tough one to get through and he hasn’t quite been the same since.

What does this all sum up to? Whilst we may not know all the ins and outs of Daryl’s life, the rarely spoken man has endeared himself to millions with his loyalty and his good heart. He may not have appeared in the original content but he has found his place in the crazy world of the walking dead.

Going from an original character who may not have had much direction planned for him in the beginning, he has become an essential figure in the show.

In the zombie apocalypse, loyalty, trust and bravery are hard to come by, but in this Character we have all those traits, where will his character go next is uncertain as he never seemed at ease within the walls of Alexandria. Who will he bond with next if anyone at all, can he bring himself to care for anyone again?

With being an original character there is no predetermined road for him, the options are wide open for him and I look forward to seeing which direction he will choose.

Where will the Character go from the fall of Alexandria?, will he create more iconic moments as he did leading the parade of the dammed?

Let me know your thoughts either on Twitter @CongertonLee or on the Facebook page Film and TV nerd

Thank you all for reading once again

Lee Congerton


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