The Walking Dead, S6 E2 Review


Well as promised season six is NOT holding back, this weeks episode was by far the most blood soaked, violent to date.

The wolves have made themselves known to the residents of Alexandria, well at least whats left of them now. As they hacked and slashed they way beyond the walls, taking the defenseless residents by surprise.

what is interesting is the lack of rick and Michonne, seeing how they were right next to Morgan when the horn sounded from last weeks episode. Last week i honestly thought it would have been a case of sabotage sounding the horn just as the plan was in full motion (Sorry for blaming you Carol), But who could have predicted the this shocking turn of events?

The wolves were always penned to be the villains of season six, but i didn’t expect them to be utilized so early, or so shockingly. The danger of a quarry full of walkers seems almost to pail in comparison with the brute force the wolves brought this week.

But the absence of Rick and the others finally paved the way for others to shine, namely Morgan and Carol. Some of you may know i highly regard Carol from my previous article (here comes the cheap plug)

And here the character was only excelled even further, walking without fear as she slayed anyone in her path, truly she was the star of this show and its easy to see why people love her. Her look, attitude and actions were flawless in the face of an overwhelming force, so more of her please!

Then we see more of Morgan then ever before, he too stole the show with a calm and collected manner, as he took on the wolves, the combination of these two, along with help from the other residents was too much for them, but the damage has been done with countless (extras) lost.

No main characters were lost here, instead we were introduced to a few residents of Alexandra before they were taken away, as shocking and brutal as the killings were, did we care about these new characters as they died? with so many faceless people killed i couldn’t help but wonder where all these people came from, i mean there wasn’t that many at the meeting from the last episode of season five?

The numbers added were simply to boost shock value, which i will admit worked, each episode that passes seems to set a new, darker and bloodier tone for the next, making this one of the most grittier shows currently on television.

Clearly each show has to end with a hook for next week and this one was no exception with the disappearance of baby Judith (maybe Rick should stay with his daughter more often?) we have the had missing person story line before in walking dead, so lets hope it doesn’t drag on like the search for Sophia in season two (seriously that took forever!)

All in all this was a great episode and left me shocked and excited for next week, its clearly hard to predict whats coming next, don’t forget there is an undead army that also approaches, so it will be interesting to see how they deal with that next week.

I enjoyed this episode and i hope you did too,

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Thanks for reading,

Lee Congerton


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