Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Review


Adam Sandler and his buddies are back, this time around in the animated adventure Hotel Transylvania 2, This follows up directly where the last film left off, Dracula (Adam Sandler) has fully accepted his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) and Johnathan (Andy Samberg) are in love.

Things skip along a bit too quickly, in the space of ten minutes we have a wedding, a pregnancy, a birth and several birthdays pass by. the whole thing already feels a bit rushed, just as you settle in for a certain part of the story it suddenly moves along.

We finally settle into the story as baby Dennis is now 5 years old and shows no signs of becoming a vampire, this is much to the dismay of Dracula, in the meantime parenthood has taken its toll on the now married couple who opt to take a break from things and take a vacation when Dracula offers to watch Dennis for a week.

This is where Dracula and his monster pals take off on their own adventure to find the inner monster in Dennis, hoping that he is just a late “fanger”. as you would expect there are several crazy twists and turns along the way in doing so.

This has the same nice look as the previous film and with most of the original cast back (don’t mention Cee Lo Green!) this is enjoyable enough, but somehow misses the charm and fun of the first film. This just doesn’t flow as well and watching this with my two boys, we all felt this dragged on a bit. You have the side story to concentrate on, then the conclusion was almost a new film in its self with Dracula’s father Vlad (Mel Brooks) making a very late appearance , with a dislike of humans.

As you would expect with any Adam Sandler movie, even in the world of animation there is no escaping fart jokes and a shot to the crotch, which is a shame as this has the premise to be a fun and heart warming tale, but typical Sandler antics lower the tone at times.

Don’t go into this expecting just the development of baby Dennis, the star of the film is Dracula by far, everyone else takes a backseat to him this time round, even Mavis and Jonathan. So the characters you want to see shine don’t actually play that big a role at all.

Its fine for what it is, a monster movie released just before Halloween. it does provide some chuckle worthy moments, but the fun, spirit and heart from the first film are lost here and it never fully finds its way back. My kids liked it but didn’t love it and as a parent i don’t think i could sit and watch it with them again.

Between the constant Sony product placements (yes i know its a Sony movie, you don’t have to remind me every five minutes) and Sandler hogging the spotlight this one was just lost on us.

All in all it was its a good looking film that is just average, high on star power but low on laughs.

So i award this film 2/5 stars ( Bit of a late Fanger )

The kids will like the monsters and their antics, but may get lost by the constant changing direction of the story line.

I hope you enjoyed reading,

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