Carol Peletier Queen of the Dammed


What comes to mind when you think of Carol? The last woman standing from season one has overcome so many obstacles and seems quite at home in the world of the dead these days.

At first a weak wife to an abusive husband and a doting mother to a young girl, Carol new her place in the world, even after the world ended. But the loss of her husband and then the tragic loss of her daughter changed her forever. No longer weak she rose up to take matters into her own hands.

For myself whist they may be in two different genres, I can see similarities between Carols character and that of Ellen Ripley from the alien franchise. Both unsure and unskilled how to take on their respective monsters, But over time both become the iconic heroines that are more than capable of saving the day when things turn bad.

She has learned time and time again that this to survive in this world you need to be prepared and leave emotions out of the equation, a same life lesson she taught the children at the prison.

Carol is now somewhat merciless and doesn’t take to orders too well, which let’s face it everyone likes a rebel. She has defied Rick on a few occasions, burning the bodies of the infected at the prison so long ago being the prime example. She may have been banished from the group but she was never truly gone. Watching over the others like a bad ass guardian angel, finishing off the cannibals of terminus and reuniting with the group once more.

Now reunited she is the voice in Ricks ear, she knows if she can control him then she effectively controls the fate of the group, even more so now she has taken on her stepford wife persona in Alexandria. Hiding in plain sight Carol has become a protagonist and the great part is people don’t realise it yet.

Is it just a matter of time until Carol is exposed for what she really has become, an uncaring, merciless queen of the group who will manipulate and threaten anyone who stands in her way. Or is there another motive behind her new personality? Could she just be trying to blend in and keep the peace for the residents of Alexandria these days?

Whatever her intensions maybe, I feel it won’t be too much longer before it will be someone else’s turn to look at the flowers, if they cross Carols path.

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