Tremors 5, Bloodlines (2015) Review


Its Halloween season so time to look at what horror films are out there, here we have a follow up to the cult classic Tremors, Long gone are the days of Kevin Bacon fighting giant worms out in the desert, Survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) is back!

He and his new sidekick Travis (Jamie Kennedy) are now off to fight the giant worm menace once more, but this time in Africa. Burt and Travis (some family ties here …. see what i did there?) are made an offer by a mysterious businessman, who promises them funding in exchange for their “monster hunting” services, so soon find themselves off in the African outback.

There are several major differences here to its predecessors, the first notable difference is the filming style. Its actually not that bad, crisp and well presented, with the cheese kept to minimum. The original cast (with the exception of Burt) aren’t the only ones to be replaced as CGI is used to portray darker, more vicious monsters as apposed to the piratical effects used previously in the series. is it on par with modern day blockbuster effects? not at all, but its far from the worst i have seen (im looking at you sharknado).

Its a decent B-horror movie and should satisfy fans of the series, the acting is taken seriously, even though the phrase “ass blaster” is said far too often (hey there’s a fun drinking game) and as long as you don’t expect a classic, its a enjoyable watch. It does borrow (or steal ….. yeah steal is a better word) elements from other films, The original Jurassic Park kitchen scene is recreated, some dialog from Die Hard is borrowed and even a African Lara Croft is used in the climatic scene.

Run time is short by modern standards at only 99 minutes long, but this probably a good thing, its essentially a rehash of the original trilogy just with a change of location, which is fine as its sticks to its origins. This proves there is life left in the series yet, with even a sixth being hinted with Kevin Bacon in a prequel, which would be interesting as the fourth installment was already a prequel (i bet he didn’t know that).

If your looking for jump scares, this one isn’t for you, however if you are looking for the classic man vs deadly beast story, then this is enjoyable, fun and yes very silly at times film. it does the series justice, keeping the Tremors series alive for the time being.

This is out now to own, Trailer link is below.

this film is watchable which is more than can be said for the third and fourth installments (credit to Michael Gross for sticking with them all these years)

So i award this film 3/5 stars (the equivalent to three Kevin Bacon’s riding the coat tails of a 25 year old franchise)

I hope you enjoy this film

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