The Walking Dead, S6 E1 Review

walking dead 1

Well the walking Dead burst back on to our screens this past Sunday in fantastic fashion, presented in a new style that fitted the show quite well.

Now am i the only one who wondered if there was a fault with my screen at first? the use of black and white/colour to set differentiate the time times was a bold move. It may have incidentally toned down the gore as it reflected on the past events but overall paid off as it made clear when each event happened.

So the show was split into two separate time lines, admittedly i groaned at first as the flash backs were reminiscent of Lost (Its been over 5 years and im still annoyed at the ending of that show)  But as the show progressed, showing essentially two different stories, i was engrossed.

Story one: The day after the night before

I couldnt help but feel a little let down here, where was the tension, the atmosphere after the meeting where Rick had gunned down a man right as Morgan returned? it almost felt like the dust had settled and although there was a feeling of loss and uncertainty it didn’t manage to capture the the drama from the season 5 finale.

There wasn’t any real fallout or backlash between Rick and the residents of Alexandria, instead we got a new threat to everyone in the form of the quarry of walkers. This felt almost like it picked up where Fear the Walking Dead ended, with a sea of the dead, as the threat inched closer throughout the course of the show.

The residents have now all essentially become parts of Ricks group, even if this is not by choice, which does lead to a small amount of tension, but is quickly dealt with. It just felt there was a lack of follow up between Rick and Morgan here, there wasn’t even any seeds planted for the future for a possible confrontation, although it is early days.

All in all this follow up part of the story was interesting, the film noir style was fresh and bold for a season premiere, the premise flowed, it just lacked the right emotion the were were last left with.

Story two: A united front

Flash forward and the community are united against the new threat, following Ricks well laid out plans (seriously this was awesome, if the walker maze isn’t a downloadable game in the near future, its a wasted idea) as each resident pitched into help with the elaborate plan, getting it into motion (except father Gabriel, because that dude sucks)

Even the most reluctant of residents made their peace with Rick as the Parade of the dammed lead by none other then Daryl Dixon himself (credit for this, its no doubt going to become an iconic television moment for years to come). Seeing the unlikeliest of people work together and gain one anothers respect as they all worked towards one common goal had a nice tone to it.

But was everyone working towards the safety of Alexandria of is there a traitor amidst the group?  as their best laid plans begin to crumble around them, its apparent that someone had a different idea. Who is to blame for this turn of events? are the wolves at the door or is it someone closer to them?

My gut felling is Carol (its always Carol) taking on a post apocalyptic step-ford wife persona, she clearly has an ulterior motive, what it maybe remains a mystery for now.

Overall, this was a great way to start season six, it had a good mix of tones and stories which were very well laid out. The feeling of unity and redemption was uplifting, knowing after all the previous events and even in the face of one of the biggest threats the group have ever faced, that there is still humanity within the group provides hope for the future.

How will the group deal with the threat at the doors next Sunday? who will be next to die and will they find who sabotaged their plans?

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Lee Congerton


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