Rick Grimes – The New Face of Fear


The Walking Dead is Back! ….. well almost, but there is no denying the excitement and hype that has been building towards the season six premiere.

Where will season six lead us? judging by the trailer (link below for those who haven’t seen it) the key plot will be the division of the group, boiling down to who will follow Rick and who will follow Morgan, Possibly pitting the two against each other.

But what was it that lead Rick down this path? how has he gone from the mild mannered cop, who looked out for everyone to the ruthless man who is willing to rip peoples throats out, has Rick gone from the shows savior to the biggest villain The Walking Dead has ever seen.

When people think of The Walking Dead and villain in the same sentence, then the Governor instantly comes to mind, and as season six comes ever closer, the comparisons between the two characters can clearly be seen. The Governor was such an ever lasting and memorable character it seems a shame he left the show too soon, anyone who has read the the novel “Rise of the governor ” knows they only began to scratch the surface with him.

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But with Rick Grimes as each season passes, the darker, more vicious side of Rick comes to light, gone are the days of “we don’t kill the living” as evident by the last episode of season five, Rick will no longer hesitate to kill anyone in his way. Whist he may be crucial to the story, the question must be asked, how far can he be pushed, how may lives can he take for what in his mind is for the safety of the group, before he crosses the line from savior to villain.

And here in we can see the comparisons between Rick and the Governor, each man had the best intentions, to create a safe place and to protect the ones they love in the hope of a better tomorrow. But loosing close ones will always have a bigger impact then can ever be shown, to change the course they were on.

Its clear that Rick Grimes has lost his way, whilst he may reason he has the best intentions for the safety of the group, the cracks have long been there and showing for some time now. Others who have followed him since the beginning maybe too loyal to the see the errors of his ways but a fresh perspective will show a more broken man, a man on the edge, unpredictable and therefore dangerous.

Enter Morgan:

Morgan has been rarely seen but when he is on screen his presence is undeniable and is well over-due to have his presence known to the entire group. Although he and rick rarely cross paths, there is an unspoken bond, Can Morgan finally be the voice of reason in Ricks ear or will we continue to simply get rid of anyone who dares to stand in his way?

His actions clearly divide the group and this looks to split them into two factions, who will stay and who will leave Alexandria? are they willing to be as ruthless and dare i say blood thirsty as Ricks faction may willing to be. Will inner turmoil be the end of Alexandria or will Morgan and Ricks bond unite them against new foes? after all the wolves are right at their door.

Its clear the Rick uses a combination of Fear and respect to get what he wants, justifying it all for the sake of the group, but the truth is he has lost his way, looking after his family is the only thing that truly matters to him now, he is willing to use and manipulate those around him even though they look to him for leadership. So does that make him any different to the Governor?

Rick may not keep a walker aquarium in his front room but the traits are there, Gone is the good man from season one, time and strain has taken its toll, Rick is now the new face of fear.

What do you predict in season six?, is Ricks time coming to an end?, will he face off against Morgan or will it be someone closer to him that does this?

Just like all of you i look forward to Sunday,

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Thanks for reading,

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Lee Congerton



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