Fear the walking Dead, S1 E6 Review

Last night the final episode of Fear the walking dead aired here in the UK, we might be late to the party but we get there!

So last week I asked the question, would I feel justified for sticking with this show for 7 weeks (yeah Labour day, I hold grudges) and I have to say, yes I so feel justified for sticking with this show! It’s not been easy for the first four episodes I really had my doubts it would be worth my time,  but AMC proved it could turn that all around with just one show.

The first half of the show was a little slow, but I wouldn’t expect anything less by now as the group prepare to flee the safe zone, as they pack their belongings and load up two cars, the rest of the survivours are oblivious, playing board games and walking their dogs through the quiet and empty streets.

They Army are long gone now under the cover of darkness they have retreated to hospital/detention zone, leaving the defenceless civilians in the path of things to come. Daniel leads the group to the safe zone limits and then, it gets good. FTWD has been very keen to hold back in the walkers for weeks now, with only fleeting glances of them or sometimes none at all, but here on the season finale, they didn’t hold back!

The interesting thing about Daniel is how calm his approach to the whole situation is, he is able to think on his feet, be decisive and a leader, whilst maintaining the safety of the group. Will he keep this level headed approach in season two or will cracks start to show?

As Daniel and Travis leave the safe zone with the group in tow, they plan to rescue Nick, Liza and the unbeknownst to them late wife of Daniel, Griselda. Here we have a sea of the undead (seriously credit to insane amount of walkers here, the extras and cast did an outstanding job!)

Now what’s the best plan for searching for your loved ones in the middle of an undead apocalypse as the army and thousands of walkers clash at the gates …. That’s right tell your other loved ones to stay put whilst you all head off to search a building!

Daniel, Travis and Madison head off leaving Alicia and Chris alone in a car park (seriously not one parent says, hey maybe I should stay here in case anything goes wrong with these young and defenceless kids) Yes you can argue the point they were left with the instructions to leave if things got bad, but splitting up rarely ends well.

Meanwhile Jessie and Heisenberg, oops sorry I mean Nick and his new friend Mr Stand (pretty easy to pick up on those Breaking bad similarities with these two) have already escaped their confines and are heading for a way out. In a great and tense sense the best dressed man in an epidemic and his new sidekick are tapped with walkers closing in (you may have missed this scene if you suffer from epilepsy though).

Standing in-between them and what appears to be certain death is a door that is controlled by a key card and with the power flicking on and off, they are trapped.  On the other side of the door is Madison, Travis and Daniel who all desperately try to get it open, but here comes Liza to save the day! Proving that if you swipe a card enough times really quickly it will wait for the most dramatic moment to work!

Reunited with Nick and Liza the group head to the car park, unfortunately soldiers have taken the car after knocking out Chris and hinting they would like for Alicia to come with them (I don’t think they wanted her to come along for her witty remarks)

What is interesting is the group seem to instantly follow Strand, abandoning their plan to head to the dessert and instead choose to put their faith into the smooth talking, well dressed stranger. As they head to meet Chris and Alicia, it dawns upon them they are missing one car, but are just relived the kids unharmed (apart from a black eye)

Enter the solider Daniel had previously toured , he’s back and out for revenge pointing a gun at Daniel he then turns his attention to his daughter (turns out for a solider and at close range, he is terrible shot) shooting her in the arm.

This is the pivotal moment we have been waiting for Travis to step up and been the hero we need, Travis unleashes he fury upon the solider beating him half to death with his bare hands, Is this the transformation of Travis from the ultimate good guy, to a man on the edge, I certainly hope so.

The group heads to Mr Stands place, which is on the shore, clearly all is not as it seems, as Mr Stands turns photos over, with this and his reluctance to stay too long, this clearly indicates this is not his place at all, but why would the group question such a well dress and well-spoken man.

The Drama is far from over as Liza and Madison scale the cliffs to the beach below (seriously how did they get down there so fast? Ahh the magic of TV) this is the reveal of a question I asked last week, who would be the first pivotal character to die (see you in flash backs in season two Liza!)

Liza has been bitten (on her side …. Under her shirt … huh? … ok if you say so) Travis has followed Madison and his ex-wife to the beach bellow (ok those cliffs are huge how are they doing this? Did he abseil down there?)

He we have the dramatic conclusion to the season, Travis who just an episode ago wouldn’t shoot a walker, embraces his inner demons, beating a man to a bloody pulp and shoots his ex-wife in the head all within half an hour. The season ends with Madison and Travis embracing as the waves crash over them, before the camera pans out to the ocean, the Abigail (Strands boat) in view. It’s an emotional and heart wrenching end to the six episodes, setting the tone for the future.

This episode proves that the slow burn was worth it, emotional development of the characters is something that needed to have time invested in and I actually care and like the characters now, if you had asked me two weeks ago it would have been a different answer, But this paid off very nicely, let’s just hope moving forward they can carry this momentum.

It’s an interesting thought of the group on a boat, perhaps as the Walking dead is set in the heart land of America, is it a possibility that this series leaves the states? Seeing how the infection affected the rest of the world? The only thought that keeps me from liking this idea is that it leaves very little room for a crossover.

Over all I’m very happy with the conclusion, the affects, outstanding (well maybe not that rubbish looking CGI boat), the fallen city was immense, really impacting how big the scale of the outbreak was when it first took hold. Then The walkers themselves, credit to the extras on this one, the sheer mass of them was very, very impressive.

If this is setting the stage for something grander, then I admit a slow burn served its purpose. Who would you like to see more of next season? perhaps the return of Tobias? The development of Mr Strand (queue flash backs of Strand killing a wealthy man and taking his belongings in season two)

Either way it’s very open for the show to go in any direction and I for one like it,

Thank you for reading my long  winded ramblings!

See you all for the return of the Walking dead next week,

As always comments are welcome here or on twitter @CongertonLee

Thanks for reading again!

Lee congerton


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