St Vincent (2014) review

St Vincent,

This one has been recently added to Sky Movies here in the UK,

It’s one of those film I thought looked good in the trailers at the cinema, but waited for it to come out elsewhere and honestly I shouldn’t have waited. This is an emotional film that, is funny, captivating and has a tremendous amount of heart.

Brilliantly cast is the always outstanding Bill Murray and Mellissa McCarty (erm I’ve reviewed two films in a row with her now, just a coincidence I assure you!)

It’s a storyline that has been done before, an old grumpy loner is forced to look after a young boy and in doing so we learn there is far more to him then what is on the surface. The boy in question is Oliver, played by Jaeden Lieberher, he and his Mother Maggie (Mellissa McCarty) are new to the area and immediately have a run in with the resident Grump Vincent (Bill Murray)

This is Murray’s finest role in years, with the commitment and passion behind his Character, He has you loathing him from the moment he is on screen, but there is a warmth about him that reels you in.

He drinks, smokes, spends his time with the lady of the night and isn’t afraid to show it, he lives life on his own terms regardless of how people may view him.

But as young Oliver spends more time with him, we begin to slowly peel back the layers and begin to see a troubled man, financially and emotionally he is at an all-time low.

The premise for this film is based around modern day saints, with the idea that Saints today don’t have to be religious or spread the good word, instead saints are based on people’s ability to do good in the face of adversity, to see past their own problems and help people around them and to inspire them.

Well Vincent certainly does that, as down as he maybe, he is always the beacon of strength for people around him (whether he realises it or not) , taking others in, looking after his wife despite she can no longer remember who he is. This character grows on you and is truly moving. Even when things take a turn for the worst and Vincent suddenly finds he in unable to fend for himself, the people he has had the biggest impact on rally to support him, just as he did them.

This has some laugh out loud moments, but overall it’s a very moving film with a hint of a religious undertone, but don’t let that put you off, the point maybe there but is by no means thrusting its views of beliefs in your face. This has a wonderful heartfelt climax that will truly move you, unless your made of stone (seriously, i just some dust in my eyes, I’m fine!)

Fans of Lost in translation should enjoy this, but if you’re here to see the wise cracks and slap stick you’ve come to know from Murray and even McCarty, this one may not be for you. Instead this goes to show how diverse and brilliant Murray can be, his dramatic flair and ability to make us smile and feel his pain is something to be truly appreciated.

I have already highly recommended this film to a friend and I would to all of you too,

This film deserves 5/5, it flows along, isn’t too long, nor too preachy, it’s the perfect combination of humour, wit and emotion

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did,

Thanks for reading,

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Till Next time

Lee Congerton


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