Fear The Walking Dead, S1 E5 Review

Well last night Fear the walking dead aired here in the UK (24 hours after our American cousins) so avoiding Facebook and twitter is a must  on a Monday if I am to stay spoiler free.

This was the set up before the final episode of the season, where finally we can see the wheels begin to turn, finally a little grit, some tension as finally some walkers!

This show has been keen to hold back on the walkers for now, let the characters find their path, building for weeks before the realisation they are in real trouble sinks in.

This week we see good Guy Travis take a ride along with the army, why you ask, erm …why not!, he needed something to do right? and they seem to have taken a shine to a local teacher with no combat skills and is fully against guns.

As Travis sat in the back of the car, I couldn’t help but notice how much this reminded me of Breaking Bad (now hear me out) Just as Walter White went for a ride along, that would change the remainder of his life and to get a different view of how the world really works.

So did Travis, Both Travis and Walter where told to stay put in their respective shows as the authority figures moved in for the kill. Leaving both to watch from the window of the car, baring witness to the events that unfolded before their very eyes.

So in my opinion, either very lazy writing or a nice little nod to AMC’s former flag ship show, either way I thought the similarities were there.

Meanwhile Daniel of all people stepped it up to become the bad ass the show has been lacking, not one to be fooled he takes a solider hostage, in a very gritty scene he has the solider bound and peals his flesh from his arm for answers. A move people don’t agree with but they all soon come around to his methods once the solider starts to reveal what they are planning.

It turns out the army are leaving, pulling back as the situation worsens, these people are on their own from the next episode it seems. Their lack of compassion for the people they are meant to protect starts to show here, in the hospital/detention centre, anyone who so much as sweats is regarded as infected and taken away to be dealt with before they turn.

This unfortunately this is where Nick is being held, going though withdrawals at the beginning of the apocalypse is bad enough, but to be going through withdrawals around paranoid people with automatic weapons is even worse! Lucky (or most probably unlucky) For young Nick as he is about to be taken away his cellmate (well it was more of a cage really) strikes a deal with a lead solider to let him stay (note to self, single cufflinks are worth their weight in gold in the zombie apocalypse).

When Nick asks why he did that for him, he is told by his new friend that he will need a person of his skills once the army leaves and the world reverts to the old ways (Kind of felt like there should have been some organ music here, to indicate trouble ahead!) I’m not really Sure what skills a former crack addict who has poor taste in clothes has to offer but hey, why not choose him right?

This is the last we see of Nick as the Focus reverts to the star of this show, Daniel who has ventured out to see if the soldiers claims were true. Here we get a nice tense moment that was reminiscent of when Rick Grimes saw the chained doors in the hospital so long ago (don’t dead, open inside?)

It was the best episode to date, but still plodded along at a snail’s pace, but don’t mistake the lack of walkers and gore as sign of boredom, learn to appreciate the slow burn this show has, after all we will get more than our fair share of gore in a couple of weeks when its older brother The Walking Dead returns.

Is each Character perfect, not at all, I practically zone out when Travis is on Screen, he’s like the anti-version of Rick Grimes, I can only assume in the final episode, all hell is unleased and he will step up to be the hero this show needs, or will it be Daniel who is thrust into that role.

Either way the final show has to leave us feeling justified for sticking with it for 7 weeks (yeah I’m including Labour day!) and a wanting more, but seeing as the show was already commissioned for two season perhaps they could have taken more risks rather than to play it safe each week.

What do you see in store for the worst family to be stuck with at the end of the world? Will Nick reunite with them?, will Travis or David be the hero we need here, who will be the first central Character to die? (not including Daniel’s wife as she added very little to the show besides a bit of diversity).

Either way leave your feedback good or bad here or on twitter @CongertonLee

Thanks for reading

Lee Congerton


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