Spy (2015) review

So since I took a look at a TV show last time I thought I better live up to my name and review a film.,
So here I take a look at Melisa McCarthy’s film Spy, why review this film first you ask? ….. Because I watched it recently that’s why (don’t judge me!)
As the title suggests this is set in the spy world, a bold move seeing the wide variety of films currently set in this genre, from Bond to the Kingsmen. But as you would expect, this has a different style, but if you’re thinking it’s another Get Smart or Johnny English, then you might be surprised.
Here we have McCarthy’s character, Susan Cooper pretty much the same character she plays in everything, the hey look I’m bigger then you and everyone over looks me kind of deal.
Which is fine, she portrays her role well, her comedic timing and ability to improvise serves her well here, She works in the spy world, more directly as the helpful voice in Jude Laws ear piece, as good at her job as she is, she secretly longs for his affections and dreams of being an agent.
As you would expect things take a turn for the worst and through crazy circumstances she is thrown into the field. But she’s not as hapless as you would expect, sure she lacks certain skills but overall it turns out she is more than equipped with the necessary requirements to be a top agent.
The laughs so far are pretty enjoyable, just enough to keep the story flowing but then enters Mr Jason Statham! With his over the top comedic ramblings proving to be the best part of the entire film.
Honestly I’ve seen Statham on such form as he I here, he provides big laughs and leaves you wanting more of him rather than McCarthy’s character (looking to the spin off gods they see the value in that).
His immature, go in guns blazing and hope for the best attitude is outstanding, He honestly had us in hysterics just about every time he was on screen. Seriously who knew that Statham would be such comedy gold!
All in all this movie is what you would expect (except Jude laws awful American accent, no one could have predicted that) fans of Jude Law best not get there hopes up too much from him as his acting is very hit and miss, adding very little to the story from his part.
It’s pretty impressive he is overshadowed by the cast around him, which speaks volumes for what they were able to bring to this film. I can’t help but give a nice little nod to Miranda Harts performance, it’s the Miranda we all know, clumsy and awkward but always with good intensions.
We travel to some pretty awesome locations in this film traveling across Europe chasing the typical badies hell bent on mass destruction , the pace is good, the supporting cast are good and the plot has some turns that set this one apart from just turning into just another typical spy/odd couple comedy.
I was pleasantly surprised here, it’s by no means a classic, but it’s certainly one you can watch as a couple and both enjoy, There is plenty of action/slapstick comedy with a nice balance of watching the underdog save the day and get the recognition they deserve.
This one surprised me and I think it may surprise you too,
8/10 is it a generous score for such a silly film, probably, but with a memorable plot and with so many quotable lines, I feel it deserves it
Thank you for reading,
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