Lego Movie (2014) then and now  


So a little Back story from me before I go into this one
I used to write film reviews for a local newspaper, they would give me free tickets and I would try to be nice about some of the stuff they sent me to.
It was a fair deal, it wasn’t always easy to be nice (I’m looking at you twilight, something, something part 2)
But sometimes I saw some pretty good stuff, even better when I got to take my kids with me (gasp he’s not a virgin?)
Anyway I thought it would be cool to post my reviews from back when I first saw a movie and come back to watch again to see If my opinions had changed
So here we take a look at the Lego movie, then and now:
Then: February 2014
Lego it’s the toy that never went out of style, But could an entire movie dedicated to Lego really work?

Myself and my son were both excited to see this and right from the opening scene it did not disappoint!, we met Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) an ordinary construction worker, in fact he is so ordinary no one notices him.

Emmet lives in an amazing vast city, which is just one of many worlds we explore in great detail throughout this film. Each world more stunning then the last, which makes you truly appreciate just how much work has gone into the creation of this Movie.

As the story unfolds we learn of Lord Business (Will Ferrell) plans to destroy the word, When Emmet finds the one thing capable of stopping him he becomes the most unlikely hero sent on an action packed quest to become a master builder

The humour is outstanding, catering to both children and adults alike, with plenty of cameos, from the great Batman (Will Arnett), to superman and the super annoying Green Lantern, just be prepared to be humming “everything is awesome” for the next few days the #1 song within the Movie.

The story flows along any there isn’t a dull moment throughout, having a surprise twist at the end people simply won’t see coming, at the heart of this movie is a great morale, let your children be free to create whatever they can, there is no limit to their imagination and together we can all build something wonderful.

I asked my son what his favourite part was and he simply said “all of it” he gives it 10/10 and I can’t help but agree with him,

Now: September 2015

We actually made an evening out of this, we had decided we hadn’t seen the movie for around a year, so we got some popcorn and tipped the Lego all over the floor as we fired up the film.

It was a stunning as I remembered, the amount of time and effort that went into this film is truly remarkable, even my two boys marvel at this film as they tried to recreate the various vehicles and characters.

The jokes are still chuckle worthy and still make my children laugh, it was amazing to think we hadn’t seen this film for a while and yet we could all still remember various quotes, that’s the mark of a good film, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, it just sticks with you!

Throughout the evening we all laughed and found ourselves just gazing at the screen, the story is so simplistic as the unlikely hero becomes the man (toy) he was destined to be, it’s as heart-warming, fun and as imaginative as possible.

I still think the real life Will Ferrell and son was an odd touch, admittedly my kids didn’t seem too keen on that either, But it does produce a beautiful moment and will make the manliest of men tear up (Me? Oh I just had some dust in my eye is all)

It may have only been a year and a half since this film was released but honestly, we all had a great evening, what’s not to like here, It provided a great cast, stunning landscapes, a funny and everlasting tale that I’m sure we can all watch for years to come

I let my son rate this film last time around, seemed only fitting I did the same again, so once again its 10/10

It was an awesome evening with an awesome film, we can’t ask for better than that!

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