Fear the Walking Dead, S1 E4 Review

Well Episode four has arrived (we are one day behind here in the UK) but was it worth the wait?

Looking back at my previous review which covered up until episode three, i was craving more tension, more drama, more paranoia and did the show actually deliver? it may well have finally done.

Yes the pace is slow, but at this stage its what i have come to expect, But here we finally see the tension build within the family as they are practically prisoners in their own home.

What is interesting to see here is even though they are all under the confines of one roof, they are very much separate throughout the show, sure they interact with one another, but for the majority of it they are very much one their own.

An odd notion as the end of the world would bring people together i would have personally thought, but here we slowly see each family member break away on their own as the truth about their new surroundings dawns upon them all.

The military are in full control here, with the guy in charge playing the role of stereo-typical douche bag, he plays golf in the street, is rude to the people hes meant to be protecting, makes threats against anyone who doesn’t listen to him, you know real dickhead kinda stuff.

Here we learn that good guy Travis and his family are in one of twelve safe zones and are considered to be the lucky ones. past the fence there is no life, these are now called the DZ (the dead zones). But the funny thing about bad guys is they tend to lie.

Good guy Travis is somehow oblivious to whats happening around him, even if one by one his family begin to see that all is not as it seems, Chris see’s signs of life from the DZ but is quickly dismissed by his dad (if you cant listen to your own son in an apocalypse then you sir are a dick)

Meanwhile Madison and Nick have a falling out over Nick trying to kick his drug habit (by falling out i mean she beats her own son around the face, seriously, the guy is trying to kick his habit as the dead rise up, cut him some slack!)

But as we think these awesome parents cant do any worse, well we are wrong, they make it a hat trick and bicker in front of Madison’s daughter, before Madison heads off past the fence to inspect the DZ for herself

Amazingly for a camp that is teeming with military activity, Madison slips in and out the camp very easily, But as silly as this episode was in parts, it did build up characters (look i remember names this week!) each one has something that makes them stand out at last!

The build up of tension peaks at the end of the episode as the military start to take people away for “treatment” Nick is one of those forcibly taken away, tensions boil and Madison blames Liza (the ex wife of Travis) for this. (hey look there is that love triangle im pretty sure i mentioned last time)

Over all this wasn’t a bad episode, it ticked a lot of things off from my list, adding some dimensions to the characters and making them the main source of drama as opposed the the dead, in fact there wasn’t any sign of the undead in this episode.

I know this may have upset some fans, after all the show is entitled “Fear the Walking Dead” and seeing as its now episode four without hardly any fear being installed it can be frustrating, But honestly we need to care about these characters, to go along the journey with them, otherwise why will we care if something does happen to them.

With only 2 episodes left to go im sure there must be a pay off (please be a big pay off!)

It was a solid show this week and although the plot was a bit thin at stages if not predictable, its just nice to finally see a bit more depth.

if you cant wait a week to see the next episode check out the link below for a sneek peek at episode 5

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Hope to hear your feed back, good or bad!


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