Fear the walking Dead S1 E1-3 Review

Hi there and welcome to the ramblings of a man who is far too easily amused with him self!

So in this article im going to take a look at Fear The Walking Dead , now FTWD has been on for four weeks now (ah Americans making the rest of the world wait due to labor day)

Now at first i was tempted to compare this show to its older more gritty brother The Walking Dead, but besides sharing its undead central story line, the two shows are very different.

The slow (very slow) pace of the show allows for tension to build and more in depth character development, but after three episodes, why do i still not care about the characters?

so we follow an ordinary family in a world that is falling apart around them, the back drop of a city that slowly plummets into chaos is very well done, you’re not over whelmed by the new undead menace and when we do get to see them its only for fleeting moment.

FTWD is clearing going for the less is more treatment here and to a degree it works well, But the family at the heart of this saga are just so forgettable, in all honesty i had to look up the characters names before my review. For a show that already had such a cult following, even before it aired, why have we been given such emotionless, one dimensional characters?

A dysfunctional family that look like they were based on Phil and Clare from modern family (now the title makes sense right?)

So Phil, sorry i mean Travis bumbles his way around almost without direction as he tries to save his ex wife and son before headed back to his new family which he was all too happy to leave behind.

Sure he told them to get to the desert and he would find them, but lets face it had they gone it would have mirrored when Rick Grimes was in pursuit of his family (which he found after two episodes, sigh)

I want to like FTWD i really do and i have seen rave reviews for the show which i understand, its polished, dramatic, tense and the feeling that anything can go wrong at any moment seems to keep myself coming back for more each week.

But each week i cant help but feel if one of the characters that are slowly being built, were to die then it wouldn’t be a big loss to the show

Lets face it, if you’re a fan of The walking Dead then you already know more then the Characters at this point, so to be able to create tension with that in mind is superbly done.

I just want a few characters i can emotionally invest in, We ended episode three with the army arriving as good guy Travis declares “the calvary has arrived” as we learn not all as it seems.

All in all i want to be positive about FTWD but until we have something actually dramatic happen i cant rave about it, maybe they should have taken the cast of modern family and dropped them in this show, at least then we would be treated to panic and unrest as a hapless Phil tried to remain calm at the tipping point of society.

I still remain hopeful that episode four gives us something besides the slow pace that has now been set, something that takes us and the cast out of their element and leaves us dying more more.

But as it stands, we all know the undead rise up and Travis and his family will be forced to flee, perhaps the show is too predictable (looking forward to the love triangle?, no me neither) but how will an ordinary family cope in the new world where danger lurks around every corner?

Will good guy Travis embrace the new world, doing what it takes to protect his family? after all his declaration of hatred towards guns makes me feel this could throw him out of his depth. Perhaps his reluctance to embrace violence towards his fellow man will cost him dearly, leading to a crucial moment (Hey end of season one cliffhanger, how you doing).

All in all, im craving more in depth character development, tension, paranoia, anything other the undead to be the main focus of drama, who knows maybe episode four will be the one to change my opinion!

Thank you for reading my ramblings, remember these are just my opinions so far,

Any feedback good or bad is all welcome via the twitter machine @CongertonLee,

Thank you for reading!


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