Film and TV Nerd

Well as the name suggests i’m a nerd (nerds are cool now right?) and I watch far too many films and far too much TV, shunning the natural light like the Irish descended vampire man that I am.

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So how are films/TV shows rated?

Films – Can all be found in the menu under A-Z

TV Shows – Such as Stranger Things, The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul can be found in the main menu or by doing a search. Each show is rated by season upon the final episode, also between one and five stars.

star –  Reading this review will save 2 hours of your life. You’re very welcome

starstar– I mean….really?

starstarstar– I enjoyed it. Its watchable, however very far down the ‘watch again’ list

starstarstarstar-That was really good!

starstarstarstarstar– That was pretty epic

starstarstarstarstarstar– God Damn! what has just happened

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Happy reading!


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